County To Consider 570 Acres of Open Space

ABQJOURNAL NEWS/METRO: County To Consider 570 Acres of Open Space

By Dan McKay
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          The old Price’s Dairy land is among the last of its kind — 570 contiguous acres of hay and bird habitat, all just a few miles from Downtown Albuquerque.
        But conservationists fear it may not stay that way forever. This massive chunk of open space, they say, is simply too tempting for developers to pass up.
        The cost of public acquisition, however, won’t be low, perhaps topping $20 million. Earmarking the first public funds could come later this month.
        Price’s Dairy is "one of the largest remaining farms in the Middle Rio Grande," said Greg Hiner of the nonprofit Trust for Public Land. "Preserving it now is key while we have a chance. Once it’s gone, that’ll be it."
        The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service is in the early stages of considering whether to propose the property as a national wildlife refuge. It would be the first urban refuge in the Southwest.

ABQJOURNAL NEWS/METRO: County To Consider 570 Acres of Open Space

It’s a beautiful chunk of land that should remain open and become public space. You’ll hear the penny-pinchers whining about tough economic times, but they whine even when we’re flush. This is a good investment for the people of New Mexico.


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