Nov 162012

ABQJournal Online » State Shrinks Coyote Hunt Areas

The two-day, statewide contest – in which 60 teams paid $50 each to try to bag the most coyote carcasses – has sparked opposition from people all over the country.

On Thursday, state Land Commissioner Ray Powell announced that state trust lands, about 13 million acres across the state, are off limits, because the participants do not have a permit or lease.

“These contests are about personal profit, animal cruelty, and the severe disruption of the delicate balance of this desert ecosystem,” said Powell in a news release.

He added: “It is time to outlaw this highly destructive activity.”

[Gunhawk Firearms owner Mark Chavez ] and other contest advocates argue that the contest will help cull the predatory coyote population.

ABQJournal Online » State Shrinks Coyote Hunt Areas

Kudos to Ray Powell. Mark Chavez talks as if he wants to help the environment. However, he took up this contest when Calibers cancelled it over public outrage. At that time, Chavez said he didn’t want environmentalists to “win” and this was about gun rights.So, which is it? peace, mjh


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