Outliers are ruins outside of Chaco Canyon itself, but which were most likely linked to Chaco in some significant way (perhaps by ancient roads or paths, for example). This website is something of an ‘outlier’ to my main Chaco website. Let me know what you think. mjh

small map of outliers links to larger mapThese pages feature lots of pictures and information:

What is Chaco Canyon?

Chaco Canyon is in northwest New Mexico. It was at one time the center of the world to the Anasazi Indians (or, as many prefer to call them, the Ancestral Puebloans, which more clearly describes their relationship to present-day Pueblos), between roughly 900AD and 1300AD. The Anasazi built so-called "great houses" which are sometimes huge structures of stone up to three stories high. These structures are no longer occupied and are now stunning ruins.

The Anasazi lived all over the area currently called Four Corners (northwest New Mexico, northeast Arizona, sourtheast Utah and sourthwest Colorado). Their descendants include the Hopi, Zuni and modern Puebloans.

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