Who does this guy think he is?

I am not a geologist, biologist, archaeologist or anthropologist. I am a computerist as well as reasonably smart and reasonably educated plus a few years observing what I can. I do not want to lead anyone astray — “But Hinton says….” will win you no arguments. I do not wish to flaunt my ignorance but reduce it. I don’t mind having my worst misstatements gently corrected and I enjoy communicating with people with whom I disagree IF it can be pleasant.

Nor do I wish to misrepresent myself as a hardy woodsman. I know people who backpack for weeks at a time; people you could drop into the middle of the Gila with just a knife and they’d find their way out, taking their time to enjoy the adventure. I last backpacked over 20 years ago, in the White Mountains. Merri and I went from tent campers to car campers to having a pop-up camper in the back of the truck (three burner propane stove, fridge, no potty or shower). I know that the camper limits me to day hikes, which limits me to about 5 mile out / 10 miles round trip, which is a full day of hiking for me. That means there are many wonderful places I will never see. Still, I’m overwhelmed and overjoyed by what I can get to already.

Finally, I am neither a lawyer nor an English major. peace, mjh

Special note: I am as much a photographer as anyone with a camera. Some years ago, a Famous Photographer Of Chaco told me he would flunk me as a student. Fortunately, I am not his student. I can please myself on occasion, which is really all that matters.

Let me know what you think