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just a thought


“July 6th marks the date of Earth’s aphelion, the planet’s most distant point from the Sun.  At 7:30 am EDT our fair world will be some 152,096,438 kilometers (94,508,345 miles) from the center of the Sun.” [*]

A good start to the month

I saw 5 hawks in one tree this morning in Altura Park. Four were definitely a family; two were definitely young. The fifth caused some commotion on return. I don’t know if it was an interloper or just another member of the family.

dwindle and pale

“Without enough wilderness America will change. Democracy, with its myriad personalities and increasing sophistication, must be fibred and vitalized by the regular contact with outdoor growths — animals, trees, sun warmth, and free skies — or it will dwindle and pale.” –Walt Whitman