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Mark Justice Hinton lives in New Mexico and loves the Four Corners region, as well as the Rocky Mountains. Write him at

Link to Anasazi Great Houses

This website is from the Univerisity of Idaho. It lists 16 Chaco Outliers (several of which I’ve never heard of); outliers are larger sites outside of Chaco Canyon but clearly linked to it. Each site is described and a map is displayed with links to QuickTime Virtual Reality display (requires a browser plug-in; there is a link to download the plug-in on the Introduction page). Great website. mjh


Mystery of Chaco Canyon on PBS

PBS repeated a show from 1999 by Anna Sofaer, the discoverer of the meaning of the Sun Dagger on Fajada Butte in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico. Sofaer has also discovered that various buildings in and around Chaco have very specific orientations to the sun and the moon (which she says no other culture has done) and to each other. The computer animations depicting the movements of the sun and moon relative to the buildings is a great part of this show. A videotape is available. mjh