www.ahwilderness.com – new and improved

I started my Ah, Wilderness blog years ago to collect information of interest to people exploring my home state of New Mexico, as well as the other Four Corners states (Arizona, Utah, and Colorado). I also consider the Rocky Mountains my turf, as far north as Hinton, Alberta.

A special sub-category is my interest in Chaco Canyon, as a place in itself and as the center of the Anasazi world. That draws me out to the outliers, and to the full extent of the Anasazi, including some of their overlap with neighboring cultures, such as the Sinagua of Arizona.

But you knew all that already, perhaps. What of the improvements? A dubious one is the domain name: www.ahwilderness.com, which has a nice ring to it and may be more memorable than the previous www.mjhinton.com/wild/. Secondly, I’ve upgraded the underpinnings of the site and given it a fresh coat of paint. The most important improvement will come with my renewed interest in the site and my intent to add content, particularly as it relates to Chaco, over the next few months. I may also finally document my “Wilderness of My Soul” project, in which I visit designated wildernesses for my own good.

Bloggers often live in virtual silence, never really knowing if anyone is out there. Let me know what you think, including suggestions. You can comment on any item or send me email directly: chaco@mjhinton.com.

PS: I wrestled the domain name away from Eugene O’Neill, Wallace Beery, and a band. A tip of the hat to each.