Bosque plan depends on details | #ABQJournal Online #abqbosque

Originally, the Journal gave NO coverage to the meeting that became the turning point for public discussion of our community’s vision of the bosque, the riparian ribbon along the banks of the Rio Grande. (Small wonder because the bosque buys no advertising.) Today, that discussion appears on page one thanks to Leslie Linthicum.

Bosque plan depends on details | ABQJournal Online

It’s no wonder that a discussion about changing access to the river – “bringing the river more into our daily lives” – has found broad, bland support and narrow, passionate opposition.

“The bosque” means different things to different people.

Bosque plan depends on details | ABQJournal Online

Ironically, Leslie and the crowd she joined were out not to see the bosque but to see the river as we never get to see it — almost flooding enough to keep the bosque alive. Also ironically, she speaks of enjoying the view from bridges, as artificial and controversial a vantage as one can get. (Mind you, I love that old Alameda bridge and am so glad someone had the foresight to leave it standing — what was that discussion like?) Nevertheless, this topic should be on the front page of the Journal more than once because we all need to know about the options. Doing nothing is not a long-term option, albeit a wise short-term one.