Virtual imagery of Chimney Rock, a Chaco outlier in southern Colorado

Laser-based technology uncovers new archaeological details
By Mary Shinn Herald staff writer, Durango Herald

Their work is part of Project Map, an effort to model ancient and historic monuments across the state. Chimney Rock is one of their first projects because of its archaeological ties to Chaco Canyon National Historic Park, and for decades researchers from CU Boulder have worked at the site, which was mainly inhabited between 925 and 1125.

“This is one of the most important national monuments of the Chacoan culture in the state of Colorado,” Gutierrez said.

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  1. Chimney Rock is very cool. located in forest barely over the border between Colorado and New Mexico. It has limited access led by volunteers (when I was there years ago). I’ve read in addition to is lunar significance (the full moon rises between the towers at the extremes of the 19 year lunar cycle), it may have been an outpost that cut logs and sent them down stream to Chaco. Test have been conducted that show a flashing mirror and, perhaps, a bonfire could be seen between CR and Chaco (at old Pueblo Alto?).

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