Range Creek, Utah (Fremonts)

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources – Range Creek

Information: Conditions at Range Creek as of July 8, 2007
Range Creek Wildlife Management Area hiking permits are available online.

HIDDEN IN THE BOOK CLIFFS of Emery County between the Tavaputs Plateau and the Green River, Range Creek valley was once the site of numerous Fremont Indian villages. Until recently, this remote canyon was private property and was off-limits to the general public. Because of its isolation, the thousand-year-old Fremont Indian artifacts are numerous and well-preserved. Recently, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources obtained ownership to this remarkable area and implemented a policy of limited public access.


Salt Lake Tribune – Hidden treasures, By Brett Prettyman
Conservation officers protect and explore a wealth of ancient Fremont Indian rock art and artifacts at Range Creek Canyon


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  1. I imagine Indian casino owners have been approached in terms of helping to provide security. If a general animosity exists, can compromises be made? I just saw,for the third time Alan Alda’s PBS show and thought this kind of proposal must have made by someone for so precious a site. Anyway e-mail makes it easy to offer my 2 cents and there it is. Thank you, Kevin

  2. It’s a few minutes later after writng my comment and it occurs to me that I may be able to help monetarily or maybe physically. I am willing to get involved in some way with furthering the security of this important place. Again,Thank you, Kevin

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