Tuzigoot – Ancient Sinagua Ruins in Arizona

Read Adventurous Wench’s brief account of Tuzigoot, in Arizona south of Flagstaff and not far from Montezuma’s Well and Castle — worth a visit.

Not far from Sedona, Arizona, lie the ruins of Tuzigoot, an ancient Sinagua town that was abandoned centuries ago.

Tuzigoot – Ancient Sinagua Ruins in Arizona

AW also has some cool Mayan photos:
Flickr: Adventurous Wench’s Photostream

[updated 10/28/08]
This marsh and park are in sight of Tuzigoot but miles away by road.

Arizona Hiking: TAVASCI MARSH

TAVASCI MARSH Dead Horse Ranch State Park Situated in the backwaters of the upper Verde River, Tavasci Marsh is a bird watcher’s paradise.